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Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition is one of eighteen Canadian Safe Communities to report a perfect 20/20 Attribute Score.

Funding Request

Safe Communities Rainy River District strives to engage the participation of safety conscious individuals in the development and implementation of injury prevention programs for target groups of all ages, which will raise the awareness and reduce the incidents of injuries within the Rainy River District.

The goal of Safe Communities Rainy River District (formally Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition) is:
To develop effective injury prevention and promotional programs through an individual and community based level within the Rainy River District.

The goal of the funding program is:
To increase our partnerships within our District, and encourage our new partners to be innovative and creative as they strive to make our district the safest place to live, learn, work and play.

Funding considerations will emphasize our identified priorities:

  1. Falls - this includes all age demographics.
  2. Work & Leisure Injuries
  3. Mental Health including Substance Abuse - also includes self-harm
  4. Transportation injuries - any injuries that occur during any type of transportation - eg. boating, driving, snowmobiles, trains, etc.

Applications will be considered August 1 – July 31 each year until funding allotments are exhausted.

Project must:

  • Meet at least one of our priorities
  • Fall within the goals of the Safe Communities Rainy River District
  • Not exceed a request for more than $1000.00

The project should also:

  • Involve volunteers
  • Be original and innovative
  • Involve partners who bring other resources
  • Benefit communities within the district

For further information contact the Administrative Coordinator

Linda Plumridge – ph: (807) 274-5373 or email at info@safetycoalition.ca

Funding Application

Application information must be completed in full. Please ensure the information is accurate, clear and concise.


Funding Report

Safe Communities across Canada are encouraged to share programs and activities that make their communities safer.

The information you provide in the following report will help other communities in the implementation of those programs and activities.

We thank you for your time and effort in the completion of your report and in helping to make our community a safer place to live, learn, work and play.

Project Report

We request you use the above form to report on your project.

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