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Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition is one of eighteen Canadian Safe Communities to report a perfect 20/20 Attribute Score.

Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition Partners

Rainy River Rural Safety Association

A Farm and Agriculture Safety committee. They see that all farm families receive First Aid and CPR. They are working on a safe farm audit.

  • Hazardous Waste Day: This initiative is a partnership with area First Nations to add to their environment safety program. There is a chosen community drop off site where a company specializing in the handling and disposal of hazardous waste deals with residents paints, solvents and other types of house hold hazardous waste.
  • Recreation Safety: Fort Frances Sports Centre – swimming lessons for all District residents aged 3 months to adults. Life guard certification is also offered along with exercises for health.
  • Firearm Certification and Training to all District Residents
  • Boating Safety and Certification Training for All district Residents
  • Safe Babysitting Course: The Fort Frances Sportsplex provides this program. It is offered to young pre-teens aged twelve and up. It provides first aid training and infant CPR as well as safe home tips and what to do in the event of an emergency while they are babysitting.
  • Fort Frances Sportsplex First Aid and CPR: This offered to anyone in the district. The programs director has available at least six instructors at all times to provide this training.
  • Health communities coalition

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