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Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition is one of eighteen Canadian Safe Communities to report a perfect 20/20 Attribute Score.

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Fire Safety

Maryam Sied, foreground, got behind the wheel of a fire truck as Timothy and Melissa Hughes came along for the “ride” Saturday morning at Canadian Tire. The Fort Frances Fire and Rescue Service was there to promote “Fire Prevention Week” (Oct. 7-13), giving out plastic fire helmets and safety information, answering the public’s questions, and letting kids get a close look at this fire truck.
—Fort Frances Times Ltd. photo

Marin Loncar got real good look at all the gauges and levers on the back of the fire truck parked at Canadian Tire on Saturday. The Fort Frances Fire and Rescue Service was there to meet the public and promote “Fire Prevention Week.” See more photos inside.
—Fort Frances Times Ltd. photo 

Capt. Kirk Armstrong, left, and Canadian Tire general manager Chris Pieczko talked about the need for fire extinguishers and smoke alarms around the home in front of the display inside the store on Saturday.
—Fort Frances Times Ltd. photo 

  • Riskwatch – Since 1999 this is a curriculum based safety training awareness with five module levels. It targets children in junior kindergarten through Grade 8. The program covers eight safety risk areas. Fire Departments are now responsible for the program in their own communities. The Canadian and French curriculum version be available in 2005.
  • Fort Frances Day Care and in-home day cares have had inspections and fire safety plans implemented
  • Tapp C – The arson Prevention Program for Children. This program started in 2001 and is offered through the Fort Frances Fire Department and shared with Riverside Counselling Services. It offers education and mental health workers for children at risk of starting fires and is aimed at children aged two years to seventeen.
  • Fire Safety Week
  • Challenger Training Unity (Mr. Charlie Turgeon) – House on Fire Simulator. This is a huge unit that is also used for Self-contained Breathing training for large mills etc. They adapt the unit to simulate a house on fire and then the kids and adults crawl through it so they can learn what not to do and how to get out fast!
  • Christmas Tree Pickup – The local fire Department picks up residences old Christmas trees to reduce the incidents of house fires caused by dry trees.
  • Mutual Aid Association – this is made up of all area and District fire departments responding to other municipalities fire calls to reduce the response time and facilitate the reduction in damage by fire.
  • Senior Safety

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