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Safety coalition seeks partners for it's reusable bags

Peggy Ravell
Fort Frances Times LTD
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

For those wanting to help out two
causes, Safe Communities Rainy River District (formerly the Rainy River
Valley Safety Coaltion) is looking for partners in fundraising to help
sell its enviromentally friendly reuseable bags.
"We're looking towards teaming with anybody who is interested in getting these things going," noted administrative co-ordinator Grance Silander.
"If  anybody is interested to put them in their businesses or to take them for us, we'll put cans, we'll do whatever it takes," Silander stressed. "We'll keep  them stocked.  We'll do the work and they'll just be the avenue or the spot for pick-up and sale.
We'd love to do that."
Currently, people can get their bags by aproaching any member of the safety coalition, such as the Northwestern Health Unit, or herself.
But Silander hopes they can branch out with places where the bags are available, such as at the Civic Centre.
"We're even interested in teaming with one of the schools," she remarked.  "If they're interested in promoting enviromentally friendly programs or whatever, we can team with the kids too."
"We love working with kids, it would be wonderful!" she enthused.
The bags originated after the coalition's 2007 report card from Safe Comunities Canada which Suggested the Enviroment should be one of the things looked at, Silander explained.
The  bags, Which are navy blue in colour and bear the Safe Comunities' logo alongside "I'm helping to support safety in our comunities," are large and deep with a wide bottom that groceries can be paked very well,Silander said.
"We're selling them for a toonie, and every penny of that goes into programming in the comunities," she noted. "Really what it is is a win-win situation, where you've got enviromental wnhancement yet we also get safety programming in the community for kids or whatever." 

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